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Concept Mobile App Case Study

UX course home assignment

Creating a free marketplace for old things to encourage waste reduction.

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The climate crisis relates to us all,
but it's hard to relate to it

The waste problem and its effect on our planet have been long known, but lately, following the publication of the 2022 climate report by 300 scientists from across the globe, the conclusion was loud and clear, humanity needs to come together and start making changes to the way we live today before it’s too late.

Behavioral science research that studied the psychology of giving shows that it’s harder for people to act if they feel that their action would just “move the needle” and the impact of their actions is so small.
Thus, while the climate crisis affects all of us, it’s still hard for us to relate to issues of this magnitude because it’s simply too big to even grasp how this affects us individually.

Therefore, as clear as it might be that we need to start changing our habits, it’s still easier said than done, and for that reason, whatever solution I would suggest would have to be easy for the users, and delightful.

Save the Planet


Getting rid of old things is not as easy as throwing them away.

The problem as I see it, is that people throw things away because it's just so easy. My assumption is that giving an easy tool that provides an alternative for throwing old things away could be a meaningful and empowering experience that could potentially help people change their habits and help the fight against the global waste contribution.

Floating Objects


How can I encourage people
to limit their waste production?

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Interviewing my potential users I came to a conclusion that most interviewees said they will consider buying a used item only if they are sure of the seller and its reliability, on the other hand, if a used item is being given for free, this would not even be a concern.

Furthermore, if the main goal here is for the good of the planet, a marketplace that is based on the idea of giving would create a meaningful experience, better fitting to the context of doing something for the greater good. And add to that, a free marketplace would also eliminate all the added considerations that would be a part of a transaction based on the exchange of money for goods or services.


Therefore I would like to explore the idea of creating an app that offers a marketplace based on giving without expecting anything in return.



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Competitive Research

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How might I create a better solution?

Free Marketplace

Emphasis on a free marketplace, curating only free items, with dedicated search and sorting functionality through posts.

Incentivize Activity

Create multiple incentives that will encourage app activity. Using gamification and donation-based perks with local business partners.

Easy Comunication

Provide dedicated communication functionality for each deal between two parties. Allow users to communicate the details.

Information Architecture

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KARMAPP, giving old things a second chance


Main Screens

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Post Creation

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Gamification & Communication

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Thanks for reading!

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