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Website Case Study

The client - That's me
The users - Well, that's you!

The work - Designing my portfolio.

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Showcase the needle in the haystack

In a sea of UX portfolios, It’s hard to stand out, but it’s also hard to be unique when my users (you) have very specific needs and limitations. Understanding the universal challenge of the hiring process of finding the perfect talent in a neverending pile of portfolios and resumes, I set my goal to create a great portfolio that will showcase my professional and personal abilities and my potential, in a way that perfectly caters to the unique needs and goals of the UX hiring professionals.



Getting to know the potential users

The first step of tackling the challenge is getting to know my users, in this case, it’s you! The hiring managers and recruiters who are looking to fill a UX Designer position.

User Personas

Persona Hiring manager (1).png
Persona Recruiter (2).png

Context of use

I conducted an online survey with over 100 participants in the UX design community who fall into my user demographics. I asked professionals who are responsible and have lots of experience hiring UX professionals and asked them about the hiring process, the context of use, and their needs and goals when it comes to reviewing a candidate's portfolio.

Survey Results


Of responders stated they always use their desktop to review portfolios, and never from a handheld device.

9 Minutes

Is the average time responders stated they dedicate to review each protfolio.


Of responders stated they spend most of this time reviewing case studies, and they only briefly glance at the other sections.

Key Takeaways

Strong Case Studies

Make sure the case studies are shows the thinking process and the potential. 

Include only 3-4 strong cases and make sure they're constructed well.

Short and concise

Go easy on the text, rely on visuals when possible.
Give a good rhythm of reading to avoid cognitive exhaustion.

Treated as a Product

Treat the portfolio like any other product I design, understand whore are my users and what their pain points are, and accommodate their needs.



Simplicity and clarity are the leading objectives


Home Page

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Project Case Study Page

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Well, you're looking at it!

For those of you who would like to provide me with some feedback on my portfolio, I've put a short feedback form where you could tell me what you think and give me some insight about your experience when reviewing my portfolio. 

Let me know what you think!
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