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Negotiation Simulator

Interactive video experience

UX Design for an educational interactive video experience.

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Employee education for negotiation

Following the global crisis of the past few years, the waves are starting to ripple through the global economy, and inflation is starting to cause a chain reaction that pushes merchants and suppliers across many industries to increase the prices of their products. This situation puts many retailers in a position where they need to repeatedly negotiate price increases with many of their suppliers.

My client sought to find a way to educate its employees about the negotiation process and provide them with the tools to become better negotiators. 

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Business Education Reimagined

Educating employees in the traditional way for a corporate as big as my client is both extremely costly and logistically difficult. Businesses around the world and across industries are making major digital transformations, using digital technologies to solve traditional problems. As a corporate that champion these values, we decided to create a digital gamified training simulation that will motivate employees and educate them about the negotiation process, utilizing interactive video technology to create an experience based on storytelling and real-time feedback.

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If it's an art or science, It's hard to master the skills of successful negotiation

Preliminary research

When it comes to negotiation, there are many methods and approaches that can be utilized. That being said, traditionally, negotiations fall into the spectrum between the distributive approach and the integrative approach. In simple terms, a distributive approach is competitive, and the integrative strategy is collaborative. Our main goal was to teach how different choices in the negotiation fall into the distributive-integrative spectrum and to simulate how it affects the outcome. The more integrative the users' choices are, the better the outcome of the negotiation.

Integrative Negotiation

  • Collaborative strategy

  • Win-win orientation

  • Motivated by mutual gain

  • Open conversation

  • The relationship is a high priority

Distributive Negotiation

  • Competitive strategy

  • Win-lose orientation

  • Motivated by individual profit

  • Controlled conversation

  • The relationship is not a priority


Immersive learning experience

As technology and research evolved in the past decade, games and simulations have become a larger part of the educational landscape. It has become clear that there is a very big impact on engagement when using gamification and fun in an educational experience. Our solution utilized interactive video technology to create a fun and engaging educational experience that simulates a real-life negotiation.

When using interactive video technology, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed to ensure a delightful experience that is engaging and immersive:

Agency & Role

Provide a clear role and goal for the user so they understand the kind of choices they can make,
and what for.

Meaningful Choices

make users understand how their choices affect the narrative and provide them with contextual feedback for their choices

Frequent Interactions

Since video is traditionally a passive experience it's important to keep the users engaged with frequent interactions.


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Making choices and learning from them

Simulating a video call

It's a common truth that practice makes perfect and that the best way to learn is from experience. So we aimed to create a solution that will allow our users to practice negotiation by simulating a real conversation with a supplier. An interactive video allows us to teach how different decisions affect the conversation and the final result. This experience is made to present users with the opportunity to make choices and get instant feedback and learning points from each choice.

12Main Screen Choice moment KLP1.png

The guide & dashboard

The experience will feature a guide who will provide guidance and onboarding throughout the experience and will also offer the key learning points along the way at the end of the experience. Throughtout the conversation we will present all the specific information about the negotiation, the current offer on the table, and the negotiation health.

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Path summary and insights

Once users reach the end of the experience, a summary of their unique path and choices will be presented, allowing them to digest the meaning of each choice they made and learn from the highlighted learning points.

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The negotiation simulator



Thanks for reading!

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